The light wavers, dims for mere seconds
And fades before beginning a flickering dance to stay alive.
Darkness is no friend here, but clings to the soul as if it has a chance
And to the beaten, weary heart the depths of dark do have some appeal.
Refusal only seems to encourage its pulling, and the desire to continue the fight dims.

Darkness beckons, calling the heart away with sultry words of come to me; come to me
Its whispers are alluring, pricking at the mind and bringing eyes to close.
The encroaching blanket of night feels well enough, good even, and the light is dimming;
It disappears from sight, but isn’t missed as the heart revels in the dark;
Coming close enough to taste, the heart sighs, glad for its presence and the time to be lost in it.

And then with pleasant expectation of a glorious scene, the lids peel back
To reveal that darkness is all that is.
Panic, clear and wild and so very present emerges, overtakes.
No direction offers peace; no view changes and darkness swirls against soul, stealing life, suffocating.
Its laughter echoes in the ear, tiny pin pricks that turn into violent stabbing in its apparent victory.

Lost, the heart calls out, choking on its cries for the light,
Longing for even the barest flicker of flame, for the banishment of the depths that are hurting, killing.
And when the flame suddenly burns bright once more in the blackness, fighting it back while wrapping the soul in its own light,
The heart can only murmur of how it is unworthy, how lowly and wretched– eyes closed and bowed low, the gentle lifting of head and heart allow the eyes to meet the light and stare at its glory.

And suddenly, the cry is one of holiness and hallelujahs,
Jubilant echoes of a heart made clean, full of life and peace as it is beckoned closer
By the ever present calling of the light– Come to me, Beloved. Come to me.
The heart dances, and surrounded by the light, obeys.