Faith Family

I was reminded tonight of just how amazing it is to be connected to a solid faith family. It had been a full month or longer since I’d been able to go to my church due to traveling and work, so being in that familiar room with people I love and worshipping the Lord and being fed truth from the Word was so rejuvenating for my heart tonight.

I was met with hugs and smiles, inquiries of my well-being and promises of prayer. I was met with love. I shared stories and admitted some of the things God has been bubbling up in my heart. And, like only family can, they spoke words that affirmed even more to me that it’s the right thing. I find it funny that my faith-fam can see things in me that I don’t notice. What I had just journaled a few days ago as non-sensical, what I had confessed to the Lord didn’t make sense that it was for me– they saw as making perfect sense.

Well, it’s your passion.
It’s in your blood.
It just comes down to doing what He says.

Three different people. Three different conversations. Three confirmations.

So tonight, I am thankful.

And tomorrow… I have work to do.