Hello There - Something To Say

Today the weather was amazingly nice… like red skinny jeans and my lace poncho – no jacket – with glitter flats and I’m perfectly comfortable nice. I met with a friend for tea and treats at Panera and we talked for awhile, outside on the patio, just to catch up. Then we walked around the town-center, window shopping and popping in a store or two as we felt like it. Then we sat in the shade outside of Starbucks and chatted a bit more.

And like the weather, it felt really nice.

Those coffee date, every-day conversations fill me up.

They’re laughter and smiles, and serious moments and empathy, and celebrations of the big and the little all rolled into an hour or three. They’re admissions of uncertainty and high-fives for landing a new job. They’re laughter at the newest ridiculous scenario of life and solidarity in the less-than-awesome moments shared. They’re people you love endearing themselves to you even more.

Those times together make me feel even more like ‘me.’

And despite the crazy that has been my life the past month or so, I find myself content and thinking that life is nice- dare I say, good. Even if it isn’t always so. (And don’t we all know that it can be all sorts of messy – bad – ugly – hard.) But I’m a “glass half full, and let’s go ahead and fill it back up, shall we?” type of girl. So on days like today, I revel in the nice and in the good… I soak in the sunshine and the smiles. They’re great to remember on those messy – cold – hard days.

So I came here, in my I-feel-good-and-the-sun-is-shining mood. I haven’t written in awhile… I’ve thought about it, many times. But I decided that I don’t want to post on here just for the sake of filling the ‘pages’ of this blog. It’s not my style. I don’t talk just to talk… I’m a conversationalist with my friends and family, sure. I like to talk and be goofy and it’s great. Most of the time, though, I’m the girl listening and pondering and then when I have something to say, I might say it.

Why should my blog be any different?

So I’ve decided – generally given advice for blogging on a set schedule set aside – I’m going to update on here when it’s real. I’m going to post when it’s me with something to say.

Yes, I’m adopting that age-old philosophy…

It’s my blog and I’ll post when I want to. ;)

That said, I’ll talk to you soon… as soon as I have something I want to say. :)