One of Those Days

Today, I’m having one of those days.

I’m a little irritable… partly because I was honked at twice on the way to work for stopping at two different red lights before making my turn.

I’m a little overwhelmed… partly because I’ve had a rough couple of days and partly because everyone decided to need me at work at the same time.

I’m a little tired… partly because I couldn’t fall asleep last night before twelve-thirty and partly because like I said, I’ve had a rough couple of days.

I’m a little less than put together… mostly because my bangs are too long and won’t stay put and partly because I don’t quite feel well.

I’m having one of those days… and that’s okay. Life happens. Things get messy. People honk at you. It happens. It’s what you do with it that makes a difference. Do you wallow in your indignation and grumbly-thoughts or do you forgive and move on? Do you push off all the things you need to do in favor of something more fun or do you take a minute to breathe, pray and start crossing those things off your to-do list? Do you act sluggishly, nap and/or give up or do you commit yourself to working hard… and maybe reach for that extra cup of tea when you need to? Do you focus on parting your hair just so and getting it to stay there or do you shake it out and decide to actually make that appointment with the hairstylist?

All these little things that add up to one of those days… they can all be conquered. They can all be made better.

So here’s to victory over the hot-mess moments, the impatience that breeds impatience and the stressful additions to the day. Let’s choose the better things and focus on that which is pure and lovely, the just and commendable, the honorable and excellent… and then let’s wrap ourselves in thanksgiving and praise. Let’s make it one of those days instead.