Simply Love 2014 - Intro to My Missions Trip to Ecuador

Well, I’m back from my missions trip to Ecuador with the Simply Love crew. And now I’m at a place where I can share some of my little adventures (and mayyybe the, um, bigger ones). So here I am, back at the blog and ready to show you just a glimpse of the beauty and adventure that Ecuador holds. :)


Our hotel outside of Quito was so beautiful! Madi took these photos of me – and so kindly took one with me, too. I love Madi’s sense of style, her enthusiasm, and her kindness. She was one of my roomies in Tena and was always offering to let me eat her gluten-free snacks. And I’m all about that. Ha! Thanks, Madi! :)


And of course I had to take a little selfie, too. We were only here for the one night, then the next morning it was off to Tena!


This little van was our transportation for the week. I’m kind of obsessed with the way it looks. It had a tendency to need a little help moving our group of fifteen or so, though. So on our way to Tena from outside of Quito, most of us had to abandon the van and hop in the back of a banana truck so it could make its way up the mountain. (But that’s okay. I still love that van.)


When you’re on a missions trip with no less than five other photographers and your van’s broken down on the side of a mountain road in Ecuador, what do you do? You all get out of the van, cross the street and climb into the field to take some photos of each other. That’s what. ;) These were taken by Heidi, and don’t you just love my travel outfit? Haha :)


See? Banana truck. I will say, though, that truck was surprisingly comfortable (I was sitting on our luggage) and the views we had from there? Stunning. 


This one was later, but… this group of people were pretty fabtabulous. For not knowing anyone but Alicia when I left, we all bonded really quickly. Great people to serve Bless an Orphan with… and to squeeze into a van with, slightly over-capacity. :)


Anyhoo… more on the trip – on the orphanage I worked with, the sight-seeing, and the interesting tale of how I broke my ankle and had surgery in a third world country – soon. For now, I leave you with a photo from Tena. xoxo