That Your Way May Be Known

I had turned to it randomly, though I’d been advised against doing the very thing not thirty minutes prior. As soon as I read it, though, I knew it wasn’t a random happenstance at all, but rather a message. Here is your prayer, your heart for this journey.

I walked quickly indoors as it started to rain. My MAG (missionary advisor group) was meeting at lunch and as an MA (missionary advisor; leader of a MAG), I was to share a little something with my girls. I read them Psalm 67:1-2. From that day on, those verses became just what I’d felt they were– my prayer over my trip to Romania, my heart for that country and my team.

Our first day in Oradea, we ventured up to an overlook on top of Mushroom Hill. I could see all of Oradea, buildings and mountains and greenery as far as the eye could see. It was beautiful. The team had walked up the steep road to worship together and to pray fervently over the ministry sites we’d be visiting over the next week.

We were asked by our project directors to pray for something specific that we were wanting to see God do. I realized that I was walking into the trip with very little specific expectations. I knew I was going to see God move; I just didn’t know what exactly that would entail. (And I doubt I would’ve been able to imagine what actually occurred anyway.) So I confessed to the ministry group I was apart of that I didn’t know what I wanted to see, didn’t know quite what to pray for. I knew I had been called to this specific place for this specific time, but I didn’t know why specifically that was. So instead of praying to see the healing power of my Lord or to lead someone to Christ, I prayed Psalm 67:1-2. I prayed that the Lord would bless my team, that He would shine on us– so that the people of Romania would know His way; that they would know and experience His saving power. I prayed for Him to go before us, because when He goes before His people, the earth shakes and mountains move and incredible things happen.

So I prayed these things.

And He answered my prayer.