The Simple Things

Today I’m reminded that our actions often mean more than we realize. That a simple smile or word of encouragement can alter the course of someone’s day. That sometimes what feels very small and insignificant to us means the world to someone else.

I’ve always been one to search for more meaning. I remember being in high school and babysitting. I had been having one of those times of feeling like nothing I did was making a difference, like what I was doing wasn’t enough to truly matter. Then I got to the home of this family and the mom looked at me and said ‘you have no idea how much of a blessing you being here is for us.’ She thanked me for something that felt so simple.

Those words changed my heart.

Sometimes the things that seem routine or mundane or small are the out of the ordinary, huge things for someone else. Sometimes all that you’re meant to do is smile or offer a tissue or sincerely ask how someone is doing today. Sometimes all you need to do is call your friend or your sister and talk. Sometimes all you’re meant to do is share your gift with someone else- whether it be your gift of listening, magic tricks, or positivity; whether it’s musical or tangible or relational.

I went to Romania last year on a missions trip. It was there, in public parks and gypsy villages, that I was genuinely moved with the realization that the simple act of my arms holding a child could mean so much. My smiles, my twirling, my poor attempts at dancing, my praying with a stranger, and my hands clasped in another persons could light up someone’s day in an obvious way.

Such simple things were used to make a difference.

Sometimes all we need to do is live and breathe and share.

Sometimes all we need is the simple things.