The Small Things Lead to the Great

Sometimes I don’t feel all that engaging.

“I had a staring contest with a bird today,” I said to my sister. And then I began to relate the story of me versus the robin.

Sometimes that’s the only sort of story I have to share from my day. Sometimes I feel like I don’t have any stories to share at all, that my life has been the same-old, same-old and that somehow that makes it less than, as though my day-to-day doesn’t have much to offer.

Sometimes my days seem no more interesting than being the victor of a staring match with a robin.

Sometimes my days feel small.

The other day I sat in a coffeeshop and had chai and cheap sandwiches with my friend, Megan. She’s been off having adventures, filming a TV show on an oil rig. Yes, an oil rig. I listened to her stories and laughed, cheered and anticipated for the future with her. She has more adventures ahead, and I’m so thrilled to be able to hear about her life. Her days could easily be labeled as great, like big opportunities and wide open doors.

Lately, though, I haven’t been in that season of living out a spell-binding adventure day after day.

I’ve been here.


Working at the same things, in the same places that I’ve been working for a few years now. People will see me and ask how I am. And then they ask that next question, the one I know is coming. What’s new? Or, what have you been up to lately? 

Those questions are harder for me to answer. My ‘lately’ tends to be the same as the last time they asked. I’m living and things are happening, but I can’t seem to pinpoint them when people ask. So my answer becomes something along the lines of ‘not much, just working.

I dismiss the small stories, unimpressed by the size of the tale, and wait for the great ones that are on the way.

But I don’t think that’s fair of me.

Life isn’t always about the great. Sometimes life is about the small and the simple, about loving and learning right where you are. Sometimes you just need to pull back, take note of and speak up for those small things in your life.

My friend didn’t wake up one morning and magically find herself on an oil rig, filming for a television show. She has worked for it; she has lived countless small days before these great ones. Hours upon hours sitting at her computer, learning. Days upon days working on videos and editing. Weeks upon weeks of other projects, smaller ones, leading her to this opportunity. And this last opportunity has led to another.

You see, those things you would deem great are made up of many, many small things. They accumulate, they grow, and they transform until one day you’re looking at something far greater than you’d imagined. So let’s live each day as though it were great, because each one is in its own way. Your normal isn’t less than, it’s important. The small things are weaving their influence in you, waiting to lead to something great.

So let’s take joy in the small things.

After all, they’ll only be small for so long.