Thinking Thankfully: His Love is Steadfast

I feel like there’s a lot that is easy to take for granted when it comes to who God is… certain things that we just forget the magnitude of, forget what it means and looks like in the day-to-day. One of the things that’s hard to fathom sometimes, to realize fully and be appropriately grateful for, is His love.

It’s a knowledge that’s present. Jesus loves me, this I know… Still, in the daily grind of living life, I know I can forget. I forget what an unfailing love means to me and for me. I forget the power of a love that began before I was created and will never end. I forget to praise Him for it. I forget to be thankful for it.

And then I read passages like Psalm 118. (Or Psalm 100Psalm 138, or any of the many other verses that proclaim the same type of love and same call to thanksgiving.) Suddenly I’m reminded of the One who redeemed me out of love, of the God who knows me. I’m reminded that He’s seen every sin, every prideful moment and errant thought, and stillHis love for me continues. He still sees me as His beloved, still hears my heart’s cries. His goodness isn’t dependent upon mine. He simply is good, all the time, and His love triumphsall the time. There is no failing of it, no abrupt ending to it. It endures. It is steadfastUnfailing.

How can I not be grateful? How can my heart not shout praises to His name?

Throughout the month of November, I will be posting a series titled “Thinking Thankfully” as I look at the Word and think about what giving thanks looks like in my life. Join me in giving grateful thought to life, pondering what we’re called to be thankful for and praising the One who is worthy of thanksgiving.