To the Dreamer

Darling, you are amazing.

The way a single sight or sound can whisk your mind away to new heights is a gift. Don’t let yourself be robbed of it.

Those plans that are growing in your heart are there for a reason. Let your mind soar with ideas and plans and inspiration. Water the ground that your heart has been tilling. Let the light of encouragement and faith shine on it. Wait for the first sprout to spring up. Watch it grow and bloom. And when the time comes for you to pick up the beauty that’s before you, don’t be afraid.

Let that dream become tangible.

Hold it.

Breathe in it’s scent.

Share it with the world.

Dreaming isn’t foolish; it’s a way to light up the world around you. Age doesn’t matter: you’re never too young or too old for a dream.

So let’s dream, darling, and not stop. Let’s ponder and breathe deep and love. Let’s invest in those things that stir the soul and invade the thoughts when sleeping and when awake. Let’s dream with open hearts and turn around and live those dreams out just as openly.

Love from one dreamer to another,