My birthday was on February 9th. I turned twenty-two.

I’ve had a few people, all well-meaning, warn me that twenty-two feels like an insignificant age. I know what they mean by that: twenty-one is supposed to be this huge deal, but then nothing automatically happens when you’re twenty-two. It’s not a “big” age like eighteen. No special new allowances, like learning to drive or purchasing lotto tickets. No special sayings, like “sweet sixteen,” the drawn out “twenty-oooooone!” I’ve heard many times over the past year.

One thing I know, though, is this: even if there are days that twenty-two feels insignificant, it is nothing but significant.

Life is significant. Each day- each hour, each inhalation of air- is significant. We’re all placed on this earth for a reason. We all have people to influence, paths to cross, things to do, and love to share. There’s a purpose for each year we’re alive- twenty-two included.

So this year, this age twenty-two, I claim to be a year of significance. It will not be wasted. It will not be taken for granted. It will be a year I live and praise God for the ability to do so, and it will be a year I look back on in the years to come and praise God for what He has done throughout it.

This is the day which the LORD has made; 
Let us rejoice and be glad in it.
Psalm 118: 24, NASB