When You Believe God is Big

My God is so big!
So strong and so mighty!
There’s nothing my God cannot do!

I sang that song as a child in Sunday School, and in AWANA, and probably in my days in middle and high school when I volunteered at my church’s children’s programs. The words would be shouted out loudly. It was the sound of children excited to yell in church without being reprimanded. More than that, it was the sound of children who really did see God as being big.

Perceptions when you’re young are so different. The world and everything in it seems bigger, more powerful. People are taller. Buildings are bigger. You know you’re small- or at least smaller.

Then somewhere along the way, we grow. And so does our sense of our own size. We may have moments when we feel small, but for the most part we (at least subconsciously) act as though we’re pretty big- important, entitled, in control.

We’re still small.

I was with a group of believers tonight, a gathering of the Church. We were going over Psalm 96, talking in part about how God is big, how He’s capable of doing big things. And we admitted that it’s not something we often admit to ourselves or truly fathom.

God is big.

When you believe God is big, you believe that He is capable of doing anything. You believe He is not only listening when you pray, but can, and often does, act in that moment and move in hearts. You believe that He is doing miracles- that no sickness or despair or terrible darkness will stand against His power. You believe that He is at work in huge ways- in your life, in your community, and around the world. When you believe God is big, you believe in the glory of God- the fullness of who He is, all of His attributes.

When you believe God is big, you believe that you are small but through Him able to do big things.

I believe God is big. I truly do. Sometimes I forget and He has to remind me, but I believe God is big. I want to believe He’s even bigger than I’ve thought- because I know He is. That’s my prayer tonight- to better see the reality of God’s greatness and the humble truth of how small I am.

Because when you believe God is big, you see big things happen. I don’t know about you, but I’m a dreamer. I see possibilities and have ideas, things I want to do that really matter and ways I want to be used for the glory of God. When you believe God is big, you see dreams realized. When you believe God is big, the dreams given to you tend to grow more incredible than anything you could have imagined as He makes them realities.

There’s nothing my God cannot do…