The Wellness Revelation is a book by Alisa Keeton, founder of Revelation Wellness®, and a corresponding wellness program and Bible study offered by licensed facilitators like me. Think of it like a bootcamp for your heart, soul, mind and strength.

What does God have to say about your body and how you treat it? How can you live healthy and whole in Jesus’ name? What’s really holding you back from thriving? We’ll take a faith-first approach so you can go from heavy, feeling stuck and fixated on flaws to grasping the freedom that is already yours in Jesus. 

I first went through The Wellness Revelation myself in 2017, amidst looking for answers about my chronic health issues and fighting to believe that God would bring healing to me. By the end of working through this material, I found myself eating more mindfully, moving in joy as my body allowed, having more hope about my chronic health issues, believing that God wanted to heal me, and while it wasn't the point, I did lose some weight, too. I know firsthand that God is using The Wellness Revelation to break chains, replace lies with truth and restore hope to His kids. I’ve seen the impact it’s had on my life and heard so many stories from others. I know He’s going to do amazing things in you, too, and that’s why I’m so excited to walk through this program with you!

Over nine online group sessions, you will get into the Word, ask yourself thoughtful and challenging reflection questions, practice mindfulness as you go about your days, and listen to Holy Spirit as He leads you in working out what needs to change within you. You’ll be moving through the content on your own at home each week and then meeting online weekly with me and our intimate group of no more than 10 women for discussion, accountability, support and encouragement. We thrive in community. You won’t be in this alone! 

This Wellness Revelation online group is going to help you lose what weighs you down so you can love God, love yourself and love others well. These are three things that can radically change your life if you’re open to it. I know God has something to share with you specifically as you walk through The Wellness Revelation. It would be my honor to move alongside of you as you do this work and support you in it.


online group SESSIONS:

Thursday evenings from 7:30pm Eastern - 8:45pm Eastern
(75 minutes of discussion, support and encouragement!)

dates of next online group:

Thursday, February 21, 2019 - April 25, 2019
(No online meeting week of April 11th!)


Suggested payment due is $98 (that's only about $10.88 per week!), due in full by February 10, 2019.


Because I don't want any woman to have to miss out due to financial constraints, I am offering a few special "pay what you can" seats for February’s group. I have a few seats available for less than $98, and the minimum payment to participate is $68. If you are able to contribute the full $98, please prayerfully do so. This will help offset the costs of those who are unable to afford the entire amount. :)

Pay What You Can seats are limited and require a payment of $68 or more, due in full by February 10, 2019.


In addition to covering the group expenses and honoring the time, training and energy involved in covering the material well, the investment you make to participate in this group will also allow us to make a donation to Bless An Orphan, a missions organization rescuing children from abusive environments, reaching them with the gospel, and giving them space to heal and know the love of Jesus.


When you sign up for this online session of The Wellness Revelation, you’ll receive:

  • a physical copy of The Wellness Revelation by Alisa Keeton, shipped to your door! 

  • exclusive weekly videos by Alisa that go along with each chapter of the book, only available when you go through the program with a licensed facilitator like me!

  • 9 weekly group sessions, held online via private video calls.

  • weekly emails from me with all of the info you need to succeed and move forward.  

  • access to a private Facebook group to connect with your small group throughout the week and share prayer requests, little victories, and things God is revealing to you.

  • a workout calendar (with corresponding workout videos) to help you move in joy and take care of your physical body.

  • access to printable journal pages and worksheets to help you stay focused throughout the week. 

  • optional text message reminders of class sessions and notes of encouragement from me to you. 

  • the opportunity to let the Lord meet you right where you are and show you how to take hold of His better way with freedom, courage, kindness and joy.  



Hi, friend! I’m Kristin ungerecht,

Revelation Wellness® Instructor and your Licensed Facilitator for The Wellness Revelation. Like you, I’ve had my share of struggles with my health and body image.

I’ve had those days where my favorite shorts wouldn’t button anymore, and I definitely know the mind games that come with weighing myself and not liking the number I see on the scale. I’ve had days where I’ve focused on the perceived flaws I found while looking in the mirror and plotting ways I could “fix” it… even while wearing a fearfully and wonderfully made Psalm 139 t-shirt.

So you see, friend, I get it. Being a follower of Jesus doesn’t automatically mean we’ll never wish we wore a smaller size shirt or feel disappointment when we step on a scale. It doesn’t mean we won’t struggle with chronic health issues (yes, I’ve walked down that road, too) that make us feel vulnerable, and maybe even like we’re less than or incapable.

It doesn’t mean we won’t find ourselves eating our feelings on bad days or realize we have an addiction to sugar. Being a follower of Jesus doesn’t mean we will have no battles to fight for our minds, bodies and hearts. We will have to fight for those things. But because of Jesus, the victory is already won!

We are human beings with real feelings that we have to continually process with the Lord, and we have a very real enemy who would love to see us give up on pursuing healthy and whole lives. But you and me? We’re not going to fall for it. We’re going to go God’s way. And these nine weeks where we delve into The Wellness Revelation together are going to help us battle well, reclaim our freedom and our health. I want to see you lose the things that have been weighing you down so you can run after the things that God has called you to. And I think you want that, too.



  • You’re ready to lose what weighs you down.

  • You’ve tried everything to form healthy habits and nothing seems to stick. You feel like focusing on your diet doesn’t ever work for you, you find yourself obsessing over working out until motivation fizzles out, and then you slip right back into neglecting your physical health.

  • You want to be healthy and whole, but you don’t know how to make it happen or even what it looks like with God at the center.

  • You don’t want to do it alone. You’re tired of hiding and ready to have accountability to make lasting change.  

  • You’re ready for a faith first then food and fitness approach to wellness.

  • You know deep down that the number on your scale isn’t everything, but you still find yourself weighing in often and feeling discouraged and/or disgusted by the results.

  • You look in the mirror and all you can see are the things you don’t like about yourself… and you don’t like that about yourself.

  • Your spirit has been feeling that tug that “yes, this is what I need right now” as you read this page.





Freedom. Joy. Hope. Operating from your identity as a deeply loved daughter of God. I'm smiling just thinking about the kind of transformation God will bring you! Will this be the time for you to go deep with God and pursue health and wellness in a holistic way? If you're ready to say yes and be apart of this February - April session with me as your facilitator, claim your spot today. It will be an honor to have you in the group!  

The current The Wellness Revelation group is already in progress.